Through her figurative paintings, Mamonova explores introspective themes including body image, identity, personal life experiences, and childhood trauma.
Lara Mamonova (b. 1983, Moscow) is a Russian-Armenian visual artist from California, who has been living and working in Berlin since early 2019. Mamonova studied Graphic Design at SDCC (San Diego City College, San Diego) and later, after receiving a Scholarship to attend ArtCenter College of Design, moved to Los Angeles, and continued her design and art studies there. After leaving ArtCenter College of Design she worked as a designer and an art director for nearly a decade. While living in Italy (2015 - 2019) she was able to concentrate solely on her artistic practice, and eventually had her debut exhibition in Rovereto, Italy in 2018. In 2019 Mamonova had her second show when she participated in a group exhibition at Betahaus Neukölln.